Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer Reading Rocks!

Have you decorated any rocks and hid them? I love this trend!

The Surry County Schools Educational Foundation awarded our school a $750 grant for summer reading. This provided over 700 free books that were given to students the last week of school PLUS supplies for a summertime rock painting event!

I provided a handout of ideas for participants and I also encouraged them to try a reading theme or book character. They really just had fun creating their own designs. We used regular acrylic paint and sprayed them with an outdoor varnish once the paint was dry.

Check out all of the photos on our school's facebook page and my Pinterest board for more ideas.

There are lots of facebook groups that you may want to join if you want to get more involved with painting rocks.

I look forward to including families in future activities. Family involvement in education correlates with higher academic performances, higher grades, improved attendance, higher graduation rates, and increased enrollment in college.

Thanks to all of the families who came out and thanks to the Surry County Schools Educational Foundation for providing the grant that made this possible!

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