Thursday, December 22, 2016

Makerspaces 4 of 4: Get Started

What can I do RIGHT NOW?
  • Display books about creating
  • Highlight free digital tools students can use to create
  • Create a bulletin board of students and their creations
  • Start a Wonder Wall where students post their questions (and then help them answer the questions)
  • Do a Bag Challenge – What can you create with just this bag of these materials?
  • Cover tables with bulletin board paper and let the kids draw an imaginary world.
  • Create a DIY Inventor’s Kit with items from your junk drawer.
  • Have a take-apart station with items that don’t work (reverse engineering).
  • Use rocks, acorns, leaves, and twigs to create nature masterpieces. 
  • Ask for donated scrapbook supplies for creating bookmarks or mini-books.
  • Ask your principal and colleagues if there are extra materials around the school
    (ex. K’Nex kits, science kits, math blocks, paper)
  • Kindness Carts – ex. Cards for veterans, an ornament for someone at a nursing home
  • Challenge Cards – ex. Build a bridge out of paper. Whose bridge can hold the most blocks?
  • Collaborative art projects – Design a leaf for a group tree, add a bird, write your name in graffiti
  • Recycled art – ex. Turn old magazines into beaded jewelry, Blackout Poetry with discarded books, Milk Carton creations
  • Home challenges – ex. repurpose a plastic bottle, create something out of newspaper, fashion show out of recycled materials

Virtual Makerspace
  • Check out Stephanie Bode’s Maker Symbaloos at
  • Makey Makey projects are at
  • Scratch
  • Apps like PBS Scratch Jr

Participatory Displays
  • LEGO walls
  • Building materials left out on tops of bookcases
  • Magnetic Marble Trax on AC unit
  • Chalkboards/Whiteboards
  • Weaving 

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