Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Makerspaces 3 of 4: Tips

  • Let students know which stations/supplies are available to use. Rotate supplies.
  • Mark certain containers/supplies to let kids know that they need adult supervision.
  • Ozobots, LittleBits, and other electronic items can easily get misplaced or even stolen.

Recruit Volunteers
  • Guest speakers (local crafters and artists, former student now a computer programmer)
  • Maker Workshops
  • Lab Dads
  • Helpers

Easy Ways to Get Started
  • Connect it to a lesson
  • Make it available during circulation
  • Have a Maker Day/Week
  • Start a Maker Club
  • Spotlight students’ creations

Choose a Theme to Maintain Interest
(Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly)
  • Gifts for Others
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Just Build It (Engineering)
  • Coding & Robotics
  • Character Lab

Overcoming obstacles
  • No experience with robotics? Watch a YouTube video or learn with the kids.
  • No space? Use a cart, think vertical (LEGO wall, tops of bookcases, sides of filing cabinets)
  • No money? Ask for donated materials, write a DonorsChoose project, use the Scholastic Resource Catalog
  • Do some people think it looks like playing and free time? Spotlight the benefits.  Share photos on social media.  Talk about how it connects to their curriculum.

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