Thursday, September 1, 2016


How cool is it that those are our teachers on Ozobot's Instagram page?  Please look over the shorts.  This was an optional workday that landed on the Friday before school started. Preparing rooms can be hot, messy work!

We took a little time out of our day to have an Ozobot Tryazon party.  Everyone who came and played with the Ozobots really enjoyed them. Several people said these were definitely going on their children's Christmas lists.  Shhhh!

As an elementary educator and mom, I LOVE these powerful little robots! I first won an Ozobot through a grant and I've since been able to expand my collection. I believe the 2.0 is the one you need if you want to use it with an iPad, but you can still do plenty with the original Ozobot. They work by reading codes written with markers. 

You can create original codes or you can simply use the ones included in the kit. This Starter kit comes packed with the markers, instructional materials, and even fashion show accessories. You can use the high quality markers included in the starter kit or you can use other markers. 

If your Ozobot is not following the code, make sure you don't have any white spaces on the line it is following. Also make sure the line is thick enough. These are great for home, school, and makerspaces. There are tons of lessons available here:

These teachers are ready to get some for their classrooms. 

DonorsChoose is a great way to add Ozobots in your curriculum. My colleague Shaunda just added several to her fourth grade classroom by writing a DonorsChoose project.  

Rachel won one of the Ozobots and she and her daughter LOVED it!

Thanks, Tryazon and Ozobot! This was such a wonderful opportunity to share new STEM materials with my colleagues!

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