Friday, July 22, 2016

The Basics of a Twitter Chat

Why Twitter?  
Twitter is the happening place for educators. It’s full of great ideas!

Why an edchat?  
It helps me grow so I’m helping my kids more.

Introduce yourself at the beginning of the chat.
Ex. Hello! Tonya Fletcher, Media Coordinator, Franklin Elementary #SCSEdChat

Answer a question like this:
A1 Student voice means students having options, students having opportunities to lead direction of instruction; personalized ed #SCSEdChat

Tweets are limited to 144 characters.  

Remember, everything you say in a tweet is public. I try to keep it positive.  You are able to private message a follower (friend), but be sure you are in the Message box.

Abbreviations are used a lot.  Ss stands for students, Ts stands for Teachers, etc.

You can go use the Search box to search for tweets for your chat (ex. #teacherfriends).

There is a “Top” feed and a “Live” feed.  The live feed shows you all tweets as they happen.  If you are just popping in to read, favorite, or retweet something, the Top feed includes the most popular tweets.

Chats go very quickly.  I’m not always as fast as everyone else.  It can be hard to keep up.  You don’t have to answer all of the questions. It does help to know what the questions will be, but that's not always possible. Interact with other people during the chat.

Before you leave, follow at least five new people.  Grow your Professional Learning Network. I used to worry about “keeping up” with so many tweets if I followed lots of people.  Try not to worry about that!

We are #BetterTogether!

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