Tuesday, May 10, 2016

IO Blocks from Guidecraft

We had the fortunate opportunity to try out IO Blocks from Guidecraft. This was my first time hosting a Tryazon party. We give these blocks two thumbs up!

When we first opened the container of the blocks, my middle school son joined my younger son and started building with him. I was amazed because he has outgrown the playing with blocks stage. Even he thought these blocks were cool.

I've never seen any other blocks like these. There are 12 unique shapes and six colors of blocks that interlock. I was impressed with the feel of the blocks. They are soft-touch plastic. The kit came with a set of cards that show you which blocks are used in each creation. Overall the kids were split on building by looking at the creativity cards and creating their own designs.

I could see these used in a classroom, a makerspace, a daycare, and at home. Teachers could use them for puzzles, engineering, and teaching concepts like symmetry.

There is an augmented reality app but I had trouble loading it on my phone. I can't wait to try that again. 

Overall I was very pleased with these blocks and would recommend them to a friend or colleague. They are available online from sites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Guidecraft.

Happy Building!

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