Monday, December 7, 2015

Explanation of our Club Day

Our school's encore team leads fifth grade clubs during encore time each Friday. Friday has typically been a repeat day for encore classes.

Students' choices are:
Fitness Club with our PE teacher
Service Club with our guidance counselor
Brave Kids Club (buddying up with our EC students)
Art Club with the art teacher
Chorus with the music teacher

The art teacher and music also teach at another school so their clubs come to me on the off week.  (I lead the Art Club students week A and the Chorus students week B.)  These kids are my primary Imagination Chapter kids.  I also do many activities with other classes.

The special area teachers came up with this design by creating a list of offerings.  We then explained the choices to the students and asked students to name their top choices via a Google form. This is our second year of having fifth grade clubs on Fridays. The first year had some kinks, mainly because the art and music teachers schedules.  There was a lot of movement back and forth between groups and this did not work well.  (I led the Brave Kids Club the first year and our computer teacher led the WFES Club. We currently do not have a computer teacher. Some of us have covered two clubs at once to make the current clubs work.)

I think both the students and specialists look forward to club time.

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