Sunday, November 8, 2015


I am a small town girl.  I married a small town kind of guy. I have always lived in small towns and probably always will. My dear husband is not much of a traveler.  I became a stepmom at the age of 20 and had kids later. I do want my children to see the world, but traveling with kids has never appealed to me much. My grandmother was a traveler, but my parents and the rest of my immediate family are really not.

I am fascinated with other people's cultures. I went to Carolina, one of the most diverse colleges I know. My favorite college class was probably Anthropology.  I love virtually visiting exotic locations via Google Earth and Google Cardboard. I love hearing stories of my father's and brother's travels while they were in the Navy. One day I will make it to Paris.

But honestly? I'll have to get my passport first.

Technology has opened up the world to me.  How can I, little ol' Tonya from sleepy Mayberry, be connecting with people - strangers really - from all over the world?  And how are they finding me?

One word: Twitter.

Yesterday I received a message from a California business coach/mentor and she wanted to chat with me about the Imagination Chapters. We had a great conversation on the phone and then she sent me interview questions for a blog post.  [Update: Read her blog article about us here: Marla Diann's Blog Article About Us.] 

Today I was messaging a lady about a DonorsChoose project and suddenly JoyLabz of MakeyMakey tweeted me about a post. She messaged me back and said she was chatting with JobLabz and would be right back. Wow!

I am more of a facebook person.  I love seeing the pictures and reading the stories.  I am probably a little too connected via fb.  It took me a long time to get the appeal of Twitter. It took a long time to build up any amount of followers.  I really just used Twitter to follow Jeff Probst and his live Survivor dialogue.

After some professional development with Lucas Gillispie, our school system's Director of Academic and Digital Learning, I was off to do more with Twitter.  At first I tried to limit the number of people I followed.  I wanted to just connect with people that I actually know and talk to regularly.  I'm now up to 350 followers and that's a big deal for me!

The best part about Twitter has been connecting with others in my Personal Learning Network (PLN).  We are sharing ideas, learning from each other, and getting expertise from people who know way more than me. These people are all over the world.

Chats are a great way to connect with others.

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