Sunday, November 15, 2015

Friday's Chapter Meeting

We had another club day on Friday. This week we had the Fitness Club joining us. We currently don't have a computer teacher so we have five groups led by four special area teachers each week. 

The Fitness Club students researched games from around the world and then invented their own games.  Some students asked for makerspace materials and cardboard and actually made their games. They all shared their games with the rest of the club before they left.

The Imagination Chapter kids were at the opposite end of the media center and their choice of materials included the Ozobots, Snap Circuits, or K'Nex. There was some movement between activities.

I looked around the room as students were collaborating, researching, writing, creating, making videos, tinkering, building, designing, problem-solving, and communicating.  These are the moments that stay etched in my mind. 

There were more than 40 students in there with me. Everyone stayed on task and genuinely seemed very happy to be there.

I certainly felt the power of being the "guide on the side" instead of the "sage on the stage".  Here's to many more days like Friday! 


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