Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Connections, World Space Week, Just Say Yes!

Some things just seem so much harder than what they should be.  Technology for example. Sometimes troubleshooting is a quick fix. Other times I try and try and still can't get something working.  It should take five minutes to fix and it takes an hour and it still doesn't work!

This Imagination Chapter has led to some moments that seem to come very easily. Dot Day went off without any problems. The Ozobots were easy peasy. Then today I just happened upon Steve Sherman's post about an upcoming video chat with a Pluto scientist. There was an open invitation to join them and it was during my lunch/planning time. This Pluto girl quickly said yes!

Steve runs Living Maths out of Cape Town, South Africa. He was an original Imagination Chapter leader and continues to run his chapter in Africa. His guest was Dr. Henry Throop, Senior Scientist at Planetary Science Institute. Dr. Throop was actually in Mumbai, India (if I heard that correctly!) It's World Space Week so Steve has been interviewing space scientists.

A fourth grade class happened to be in the media center to use the computers so I invited them over. Another fourth grade class from America and a student in Nepal were also involved in the video chat.  The call included information about New Horizon's mission to Pluto, the resulting high resolution photos, space, Pluto's geology, technology, and much more. We learned it took nine and a half years for New Horizon to reach Pluto! Our students were really interested in learning about that heart shape on Pluto. It's nitrogen. I felt like this experience was a worthy addition to our day.

Dr. Throop

The Awesome Steve Sherman

Fingers crossed that the technology works! Steve and Henry used a combination of Skype and Google Hangouts to get us connected! (I really need to fix my webcam's focus!)

I am just so excited that being an Imagination Chapter leader has provided yet another opportunity to connect with people from around the world. This morning when I headed to school I never would have guessed that I would end up chatting with people in Africa and India today. I think both of these guys are pretty special people, too, and I have much to learn from them.

Last year I started a new motto. I would say yes to opportunities to that came my way. I encourage you to be mindful of opportunities for personal growth and growth for your students. Today made me realize that I am very blessed to be able to do my job and have exciting moments such as these! Happy World Space Week!


  1. We were so pleased that you got involved and look forward to many more exciting online events ;-)

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