Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#GCC and Roxaboxen

Students at my school have been hearing about Caine's Arcade and the Global Cardboard Challenge since the first week of school.  Some classes have had a little time to brainstorm and research ideas during media visits.

Several students have told me about making their own cardboard creations at home.  One mom posted her son's skeeball game and another mom sent me pictures of her sons' cardboard arcade.

Today I was reading aloud Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran to a class of second graders.  It ties in with their social studies unit on local government.  It's always been a magical book for my second graders, but this year we ended up talking a lot about imagination.

Being creative and using our imagination has been a recurring theme lately!

After the book and our discussion I reminded them about the Global Cardboard Challenge. Our second graders are tasked with designing a community.  Because there are nearly 600 students in our school I told them we would need to make a miniature-sized cardboard community.

This actually made it very easy for us to integrate the Ozobots.  They could have roads just like in the book.  We spent the last portion of class sketching ideas for our community and building roads for the Ozobots.

The children wanted to know how the Ozobots know how to move.  I said, "You have to tell them."  A little girl looked down at her mini-robot and said, "Dance!"

After a quick chuckle I explained that we tell them by making code with our markers. They loved it when an Ozobot made U-turns and other moves.

We are excited to start on our cardboard town!

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