Sunday, September 13, 2015

My GPS for the School Year

I came across this post via Twitter: "GPS is set!Angela Rutschke had chosen five words to guide her year.  As I read the blog and followed the trail to the origins (Teach Like a Pirate's Dave Burgess and teacher Michael Matera), I knew I wanted to do this.

This summer I was inspired by Dave's book, Kid President's book, and Angela Meier's You Matter Manifesto. Then I found out about the application for becoming an Imagination Chapter. I was also thinking about Common Sense Media for the upcoming school year.

So five programs.. Could they be summarized in five words?  Hmmmmm....

1) Passion

2) Awesomeness

3) Kindness

4) Creativity

5) Citizenship

Yep, I want kids to be just as passionate about reading, learning, and making as I am.

I want my kids to have an awesome year and that starts with the adults bringing their Awesome Game.  

Kindness ALWAYS matters.

Creativity - wanting to rethink doing the Global Cardboard Challenge school-wide and just doing it with my Friday club, BUT I know this one event will be the best thing I've done with kids.  Going to make it work somehow.

Digital Citizenship is so important.  I want my kids to be better with digital literacy, write and make more for an online audience, and engage with others from across the globe more often.

So how am I doing so far?  The first month or two of school is always extremely busy.

But this is why I am a media coordinator. Each of these matter.  I am teaching generations of students. (Shocking, I know.) I want kids to be readers, not for the sake of passing a test, but because it truly opens doors. I want kids to be makers because they are the future. I think making helps them think more than anything else. And being kind to others (in person and online) - that's the way it should be.

Game on.  Best Year Ever. Let's make it count.  Let's roll.

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