Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Marshmallow Challenge

About half of our fifth graders will end up participating in our Imagination Chapter club. I still plan on doing lots of activities with our K-5 students.  I knew the Marshmallow Challenge would make a great team-building activity for all of our fourth and fifth graders.  

The Marshmallow Challenge involves building the tallest tower that can support a large marshmallow.  Each group was given tape (one yard), twenty spaghetti noodles, and one large marshmallow.

There were lots of smiles and lots of teamwork. It wasn’t all perfect and I could see that some of the students need more opportunities to work with others.  Most had never done this challenge before, but a few had in Boy Scouts or church. It was definitely harder than it looks.

I did add mini marshmallows after the first few classes had trouble with just the noodles and tape. That made it a little messier, but I am learning that messier is usually better.

First activity? Success.

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