Sunday, September 6, 2015

International Dot Day

My friend Rebecca was the one who introduced me to International Dot Day.  At first glance I was afraid it might be too young for my older students. After delving into it more, I have seen the opportunities for taking it deeper.  I also like that the author’s message is more than about everyone being an artist.  It is about going out into the world and making your mark. Everyone has something special to offer. And what a wonderful world it can be when we choose to inspire and lift up others.

Besides sharing the book and having a discussion about the book, we also made a school-wide piece of artwork. Each K-5 student added his or own dot.
Some students have made their own dots to take home and some have made digital dots.They really liked the Toy Theater website.

I found some neat ideas in the Dot Day downloadable handbook.  Here are some links to help you celebrate.  You don’t have to wait til Sept. 15!  You can celebrate anytime!

Helpful Links

We have plans to Skype with a class at Rebecca’s school on Sept. 17.  I also asked our visitor to make a dot so I can add it to other visitors' dots in a special spot.

Dot Day is an easy way to weave multiculturalism and global literacy in your lessons.

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