Thursday, September 3, 2015

Imagination Chapter Orientation

After a time difference snafu on my part and an unexpected meeting, I was finally able to complete the online training and orientation for the Imagination Chapter leaders.  This was hosted via Google Hangouts.

Alice Lin is just a darling.  Very joyful.  Her official title is Director of Community Engagement for the Imagination Foundation.  She is the one who moderated the session and has been sending out group emails.  

We had a large group of chapter leaders from all over the world – Singapore, Ontario, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States. Great group of people! This was training session #9; there are chapters on six continents. I am excited to start this journey.

Since this meeting happened to be after school from 3-5pm (for me), Kendall stayed with me.  He worked on his own projects while I did my group chat. Plus Kendall got to meet a celebrity (Alice.)  He was so impressed that she knew Caine.

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Kendall worked on a couple of optical illusions and a Link hat.  Talented kid!

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