Friday, September 4, 2015

3D Printer

One of our parents had offered to bring in her personal 3D printer to show the kids.  Fabulous! By the end of her visit, more than 150 students got to see the printer in action and hear all about this technology. They learned how 3D printers are also being used in the medical and food industries.
What did I notice during her visit?  1) The students were very engaged the whole time.   2) They were learning about new technology that most had never seen.

After her visit some of our students had enough time to try out  This site has lots of creative applications and the kids loved it.  Some were making dots for Dot Day and some were building 3D designs.

Thanks for bringing in your 3D printer, Mrs. Williams!

PS Thanks for printing me a cardboard tool because I was too impatient to wait for MakeDo ones. Looking forward to getting ours next week!


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